Hand cutters for sale

Hand biscuit cutters for sale

For small trials in a test bakery it is very useful to have a collection of hand cutters that can produce dough pieces of the same general size and shape of the commercially proposed biscuits or crackers.


A small collection of secondhand hand cutters are offered for sale. All have been used extensively in test bakeries but are still in excellent condition. All are constructed in heavy bronze as was used for reciprocating biscuit cutters.

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  1. Description                           Shape           Size (mm)  Suitable for type of dough

1. Cream cracker                    Rectangular   74 x 69        All hard doughs

Cream_cracker_1_thumb  Cream_cracker_2_thumb


2. Rectangular cracker           Rectangular   72 x 46        Hard and puff doughs


Lemon_puff_3_thumb     Lemon_puff_thumb


3. Cream sandwich shell        Rectangular   54 x 31        Hard and puff doughs

Small_cracker_1_thumb  Small_cracker_2_thumb


4. Small cracker (Ritz type)    Oval               48 x 40        Hard and puff doughs

Ritz_1_thumb  Ritz_2_thumb


5. Thin embossed dough       Round                55            Lean short doughs

      The pins are 2mm long and are not designed to penetrate the dough piece

      (2 cutters available)

Emboss_1_thumb  Emboss_2_thumb


6. Marie type                          Oval              68 x 55        Thin hard doughs

      (2 cutters available)

Juvel_1_thumb  Juvel_2_thumb


  Price £300 each, inclusive of postage and packing to anywhere in the world.


Please contact us indicating which cutters are required and we shall invoice you. Despatch will be on receipt of payment.