What should I consider when selecting a biscuit packaging machine?

Considerations when selecting a biscuit packaging machine


Please refer firstly to the text in Packaging and Post packaging operations. You may also find it useful to consider the problems addressed in Packaging questions and problems.

  • The successful operation of a biscuit packaging machine is intimately tied up with the system used to feed the biscuits to it.
  • If the biscuit feed system is automatic consider what might go wrong if the supply of biscuits is irregular or the size of the biscuits is too variable. How many operators will be needed to oversee and control the feed system? How will misshapen or broken biscuits be cleared?
  • Designing and building the change parts needed to package groups/collations of biscuits is a specialist task. Make sure that a good supply of biscuits, made from a representative production run, is supplied to the manufacturer who builds the change parts. It is not recommended that adjustments to biscuit size or shape is attempted to suit the packaging machine.
  • The heat/pressure seals made by the packaging machine are critical to the storage life of the product. Check that the controls of the sealing jaws (pressure and temperature) are compatible with the wrapping materials to be used and the speeds of the wrapping machine.
  • Will changes in the column length of a pack of biscuits affect the pack sealing performance? The design of the seal is important in this respect.
  • Hot sealing jaws should not be allowed to come near to chocolate on biscuits.
  • If the biscuits have sharp edges or are garnished with coarse sugar take care that the film is not pulled too tightly around them as perforations may occur which will reduce storage life.
  • Provide packaging facilities capable of running at least 10% faster than the product will be arriving at the packaging machine(s). This allows for stoppages for changing reels of film, minor adjustments, clearing broken biscuits etc.
  • It is normal to provide every packet coding to allow for stock control. Consider very carefully the operation of the printing machine and the maintenance that it is likely to require.