Sandwich cream fats

Sandwich cream fats are normally selected for their special melting properties. Sandwich creams for biscuits and wafers, which are principally mixtures of sugar and fat, should remain hard at ambient temperature but should melt very rapidly in the mouth to release the flavour of the sugar and other components. If the fat is too soft when the biscuit is bitten, the cream will squeeze out of the sandwich.

The preferred fats have a much shorter melting range and are harder (have more crystals) at ambient temperature than typical dough fats. The commonest of these fats are coconut oil and palm kernel oil. By selective hardening these oils can be modified to make them suitable for use in high ambient conditions as occur in hot countries and in the summer in temperate climates.

The short melting range and relatively high solids content at ambient temperatures makes it more difficult to cool and plasticise these fats.

Please click here to view a diagram of typical melting curves of a variety of fats.