Fat for Oil Spraying

Many cracker biscuits are sprayed with oil immediately after baking. This improves the appearance of the biscuits and modifies the eating quality.

The fat used for spraying must be selected with care. On the surface of biscuits the fat has a great exposure to the air and hence to oxidation. The technique of spraying also is conducive to oxidation changes as the oil is hot and the droplets very small with great surface area.

Fats which are resistant to oxidative change should be used. The cheapest and among the best are the same fats as are used for sandwich creams, coconut oil and palm kernel oil because the glycerides in these fats are mostly saturated.

The fats are sprayed warm and the fact that they are solid at ambient temperature is not important as the film on the biscuit surface does not set to an obvious crust. However, if high melting types of fat are used there is a tendency for the fat to set and cause adhesion with touching biscuits when packed in columns. The adhesion may result in damage to the thin surface of the biscuits as they as separated before eating.