Other dried fruits used in biscuits


Dates are sometimes used in the form of paste, in a similar way to fig paste but also as chopped pieces of fruit. The paste is higher in sugars and lower in fibre than figs. The flavour is less distinct and mostly "sweet". Chopped dates may be used in wire cut doughs but it is often difficult to cut the pieces either small enough or of uniform size.

Glacé© cherries

Glacé© cherries are produced principally in France. They are strongly dyed red and are sold in a heavy sugar syrup. It is necessary to wash away the syrup before using these cherries in a dough and this represents a large loss in weight. The cherries add only coloured pieces to the dough and are an expensive ingredient.

Crystallised or candied ginger

Crystallised or candied ginger is increasingly being used in quality biscuits. Ginger flavour has for long been regarded as a cover flavour for an inferior product but ginger is in fact a popular flavour and the use of chewy pieces of ginger together with ground ginger, and some paprika to increase the heat of the flavour, can produce a good cookie.

Crystallised or candied peel

Crystallised or candied peel. The peel is usually orange or lemon. It serves principally to add colourful interest and some texture to the biscuit without contributing to the flavour. There is a strong tendency for the peel to become hard or at least tough in the baked biscuit.