Chocolate drops, chips and chunks

Chocolate-drops-thumbChocolate or chocolate flavoured coatings are usually used as a covering/coating for biscuits and wafers. In some cases biscuits or wafers are moulded into chocolate. In other cases small pieces, "drops", of chocolate may be used as an ingredient in wire cut cookies. These "drops" are typically about 5 mm in diameter and are formed either by depositing small drops of tempered chocolate or by forming with a special moulding plant. Chocolate "chips" and "chunks" may be formed by dribbling streams of chocolate onto a cooling band and cutting to the desired length.

Although the chocolate melts when the cookies are being baked there is no appreciable movement of the chocolate within the dough so it sets again when the biscuit cools. This, therefore, offers a means of including recognisable chocolate into cookies where the climate may preclude the satisfactory use of a surface coating.