Full cream milk powder, FCMP

This material is usually derived from whole fresh milk by a process of evaporation under vacuum followed by roller or, more commonly, spray drying. It is important to control the maximum temperatures of the milk as it is processed as this affects both flavour and solubility of the resultant powder. Freeze drying techniques have the advantage of allowing less damage to the proteins but the process is much more expensive and therefore rarely used. FCMP is now rarely used in biscuit manufacture due to its high cost and the limited storage life (up to six months) which is determined by rancidity development in the fat. FCMP, however, has an exceptionally pleasant flavour and when prepared mixed with sugar under special conditions of heating as a crumb, it is valuable for giving a distinctive flavour in the manufacture of milk chocolates and coatings.

Storage in moisture-proof containers at 15°C will give a satisfactory product for about six months. To reconstitute the powder it is necessary to mix with about 3.5 parts of water to 1 part of FCMP. Dispersion is best if part of the water is used firstly to make a paste.