Fruit acids

Food acids are organic acids found in natural products but now normally manufactured by chemical synthesis. They are all white crystals or powders. In biscuits they are used mainly to accentuate fruit flavours in sandwich creams, but they also have a technical function in jams and jellies in that they control the setting of pectin.

There are three commonly used food acids in biscuits. These are citric, found in oranges and lemons, tartaric, found in grapes, and malic, found in apples.

Citric and tartaric acids have similar tastes, giving an immediate sharp sensation which is not very persistent. Malic is less strong initially, but is more lasting. The selection of acid for use in biscuit creams will probably be made primarily on the basis of cost. To achieve a good spread of acidic sensation, finely ground acid powder should be used. If the acid has caked during storage it should be sieved before use.