Chocolate and cocoa

Chocolate may be supplied as large blocks, small pieces or in bulk. In solid form it is important that it is well protected against moisture pick up. It should never be stored in cold conditions such that when the pack is opened for use condensation will occur on the surface. Moisture in chocolate significantly increases its viscosity in the melted state.

Chocolate, after application to biscuits sets into a hard and glossy state, provided it was correctly tempered and then cooled carefully. Chocolate purchased solid should also have been tempered before moulding or packaging. If the delivered chocolate is soft or cheesy suspect that there may be something wrong with it. Take a sample, melt, temper and cool it to see that it is of the composition required.

Bulk chocolate is, of course, delivered warm and kept in a silo tank. Unlike fats, it needs to be constantly stirred and the warm condition prevents moisture being absorbed. Chocolate does not suffer from rancidity like other fats so the tanks are usually open at the top.

Cocoa is supplied in bags. Quality aspects are colour and flavour. Both are affected by the fat content. In some cases it may be necessary to check the fat content.