Customer complaints

Customer complaints are an early warning that all may not be well in the QC system. Many companies have a free phone number printed on the package to encourage customers to let them know of problems and concerns.

Customer complaints will normally be addressed to the Sales and Marketing Department but Quality Control should take a significant position with respect to these and in particular about foreign matter in biscuits.

Customer complaints are mostly about stale biscuits but the most serious complaints are about foreign matter inclusions. Here prompt, responsible action is imperative. If a consumer is sufficiently concerned to notify a complaint he or she will become aggressive if not assured that the matter is being treated properly. The aggression may take the form of recourse to the authorities or a court of law which could involve the manufacturer in considerable expense and bad publicity. Not all customer complaints are justified and there are rogues whose main aims are free supplies. However, with good record keeping and keen observation of technical matters it is often possible to spot the hoax complainers. No complaint should be treated lightly as it may be an indication of an extensive or serious problem.