How should production staff be introduced to product safety?

All new production staff must, on their first day at the factory, have an induction session which will take place away from the production areas.

A responsible person must explain the needs for care and hygiene for anyone handling food. It is not good enough that a new employee shall find out what is needed from the person working next to them on the factory floor. A process known as "sitting with Nellie".

All the points about possible contamination must be told, with demonstrations where appropriate.

All food handlers must ensure that their hands are washed and clean before handling food and it is particularly important that their hands are washed after each visit to the toilets.

Questions and feed back serve to emphasise the importance of taking food safety seriously.

The hygiene officer should also organise instruction for all production and maintenance staff at regular intervals and arrange special induction talks to all new recruits at a very early stage in their employment with the company.

These points may seem obvious but there are still many people who do not exercise hygienic practices in their homes and with their families so they must be told that in a food factory requirements are not optional.

It is a requirement that all food workers are aware and vigilant of the potentials for contamination and report, to management without delay, any aspects that do not seem satisfactory.