Who should clean what?

Cleaning is the least attractive job in most walks of life. It is often complicated because machinery or spaces have not been designed for easy or efficient cleaning.

Working in a clean and tidy manner is the responsibility of all and if supervisors see sloppy or lazy practices action should be taken before the practice becomes a norm.

Basically if someone accidentally drops something he or she should clean it up or be responsible for seeing that others better equipped do the cleaning without delay.

At the end of a work period the machinery and space should be left as clean as possible so that the next workers do not have to do cleaning before they start work.

Where special cleaning staff are involved the cleaning programmes and timings should be communicated to workers so that they know when their equipment or work areas will be receiving attention. If workers feel that the cleaning is not good enough or should be done more often they should be encouraged to discuss this with their supervisors and then any changed deemed necessary then be taken to senior management.