Sources of contamination from small items of equipment

In most biscuit factories it is necessary to use bowls, beakers or trays to carry and weigh ingredients or dough. These should be of metal or plastic because glass is particularly dangerous by way of splinters or small fragments if broken.

Colour coding of containers is better than labels which may fall off. Elastic bands provide particular hazards due to their tendency to fly off in unexpected directions and become lost.

All utensils should be stored, full or empty, on special clean stile so that they are off the floor. This is to ensure that when inverted no floor dirt can fall from them on to product or into a mixer.

After use all containers should be washed in hot water, with detergent as necessary, and left inverted to dry.

Cleaning equipment such as cloths, brushes, mops and scrapers should be stored and dried after use on specially provided racks, hooks or rails, off the floor.

Detergents used for cleaning equipment must be of approved types and stocks must be stored separately away from ingredients or dough containers.

Office equipment such as elastic bands, paper clips and particularly pins should be forbidden in the factory environment.