What are examples of hard dough types made by sheeting and cutting?

Examples of crackers made in this way are (most crackers make in this way are oil sprayed after baking): 

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1db-Ritz-thumb Ritz
tuc new thumb Tuc
1db-Cheddars-thumb Cheddars

Mini Pick Barbecue

Other examples are: Krackawheat.

Enrichment example:

Savoury flavoured crackers

Examples of hard sweet types are:


Rich Tea


Tea Finger

 1db-Marie-thumb  Marie

Pencils (for chocolate coating)

 1db-Zoo--thumb  Zoo

Baby rusks


Cafe Noir base


Bases for Iced Gem


Garibaldi fruit sandwich (this is a special case where a layer of dried fruit like currants is sandwiched between two sheets of dough and gauged before cutting)

 1db-Crispy-fruit-slices-thu  Crispy Fruit Slices

Other examples are: Cabin, Petit Beurre and Arrowroot.

Enrichment example:

Samples of complete recipes may be found in Manley, D J R, (2001), Biscuit Cracker and Cookie Recipes