What are examples of miscellaneous products which may be considered biscuits?

Miscellaneous products which may be considered as biscuitsBiscuit_product


There are three different varieties of crispbread:

    • Dark rye. Made with only wholemeal rye meal and salt.
    • Multigrain rye. Made as above, but topped with toasted grains of particles of other cereal grains and nut kernels.
    • Sesame rye. A variation of the last, but topped only with lightly toasted sesame seeds.
 crispbread thumb  Rye crispbread


Printed biscuits


Printed biscuits

cereal bars thumb Cereal bars
dog biscuit thumb Dog biscuits


Other examples are: Lebkucken


Samples of complete recipes may be found in Manley, D J R, (2001), Biscuit Cracker and Cookie Recipes