What is meant by the terms biscuits, cookies and crackers?

In many countries, the term biscuit covers all types of thin baked products that have been baked to a low moisture content (<5%) and therefore, with suitable packaging, have a long shelf life.

In the USA, a biscuit is a scone-like product that is typically eaten at breakfast. Such products are not covered in this classification and website.

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Particularly in the USA, the term cookie is a sweet or hardly sweet thin to small chunky product, again baked to a low moisture content and with long shelf life. In other countries, like the UK, a cookie is usually a more irregularly shaped biscuit formed, for example, by wire cutting the dough.

There is generally more agreement on the meaning of the term cracker. This is a flaky or open textured thin, dry product which is not sweet but may taste of cheese or some other salty flavour.