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3 Month Subscription + Retainer:

For the period of your subscription, you will be able to see the answers to the problems and questions posed in the list of Questions and Problems given in each section. These sections show more than 300 problems commonly encountered by biscuit manufacturers. Detailed suggestions and tips, which may include graphical relationships, are given to help solve these problems. Usually indications of where and why the problems may have occurred are given to help understanding of the process involved.
A simple graphical example is the page "What affects biscuit spread".

In addition a subscription will allow access to the sections on What should be considered when selecting and buying ingredients, equipment etc. These suggestions and advice will be important to anyone making purchases or involved in product and process development.

It is impossible to cover all the problems and needs that may occur so in addition to the help described above your subscription will allow you personal contact with Duncan Manley as often as necessary for advice.  These communications are limited to on-line contacts via the Contact Forms provided.

The Subscription with Retainer for 3 months costs £300.