About this site

If you are a biscuit manufacturer with a process problem, or you want to learn more about biscuit manufacturing, The Biscuit Doctor is here to help. We can:

This website contains a collection of questions and potential problems that may be encountered by a biscuit manufacturer or his product developer. The website is designed to be used as tool for solving manufacturing problems, a management improvement tool, and for training purposes. It is aimed at the relatively experienced technologist, factory operatives, and for those managing the manufacturing process.
Brief background information in each section is available for free, but to view answers to problems, users must pay a subscription.
The value of this website should be compared against the cost of hiring a consultant, against sending members of staff to training sessions and against searching through text books. Duncan Manley has included information that has been given to clients world-wide over many years, and also the technology that has been the basis of his Cambridge Training Seminars.
Problem solving is possible from Duncan Manley's books, but the search is not as efficient and the range of information is not as great as within this website. This website offers a more interactive approach to problem solving and understanding of process mechanisms than is possible with a normal book.

The principles used in this site's design

The biscuit manufacturing technology information is organised by production and management areas. Lists of the problems addressed within these areas are provided. Help to locate a particular subject is provided by entering keywords into the site search facility.
Suggestions and solutions are given for the reason for the problems. However, problems are not always what they at first seem. It is very rare that a problem is brought about by a single cause. A certain combination of circumstances is necessary and the absence of even one of these can prevent the problem occurring. It is clearly important to try to find and understand the reasons why a problem occurs and to aim to prevent it happening.
There are many dependency/mechanism diagrams which indicate other processing factors that may be related to the observed problem. Quality and process control is achieved most efficiently by getting at the causes of problems.
Links are provided for other published information in the Links and sources of additional information page.

Why do we need to solve problems?

The aim of a biscuit manufacturer is to make money. The profit is what is left after he has sold his production and deducted his costs of labour, materials, power, overheads etc. If there is waste in time, or any of his operations, it means that profit is less. Inefficiency is a manifestation of problems, so to increase efficiency, and thereby profits, problems must be solved.
The types of problems are numerous. and may result from poor staff training, inadequate quality and process control procedures, from variable ingredients, poor factory practices, unsuitable machinery etc. etc.
By addressing, and hopefully, solving problems, production efficiency will improve, more high quality product will be made in a given time and waste will be reduced.
The factory will be a happier place.
Profits will grow!