Welcome to The Biscuit Doctor



by Duncan Manley


All about Biscuits

Biscuits, Cookies, Crackers - what are the differences?
Tell me about the different biscuit types
Can you explain how the biscuits I can buy are made?



Which ingredients are used in biscuit manufacture?
Ingredient problems and solutions. We can help.
* What should I consider when selecting ingredients?


Biscuit manufacturing processes

Tell me about the biscuit making processes.
* Can you solve my manufacturing problem?
What should I consider when selecting processing equipment?


Handling and packaging biscuits

How are biscuits handled and packed?

Packaging or handling problems and solutions. Ask The Biscuit Doctor.

*Tell me about shelf life considerations

* What should I consider when selecting handling and packaging equipment?


Manufacturing Management

What should I know about Quality Control?

Quality Control problems and solutions

Process Control - have I got it under control?

Process Control problems and solutions

Safety. Am I taking all necessary steps?

Safety problems and solutions

Production Efficiency - how can I improve my system?

Production Efficiency problems and solutions

* What should I consider when selecting training courses, Process Control instrumentation and Laboratory equipment?


Developing new products

How do I develop a new product?

Tell me about biscuits and nutrition

Product Development problems and solutions. We can help!

* Should I consider having a test bakery?

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